Matt Jackson

📍  NYC / Remote

I'm Matt. I'm a software engineer with six years of experience. Primarily, I have worked in the adtech space building applications to manage and deliver international advertising campaigns.

Lately, I have applied my skills freelancing. I just collaborated with AllTrails, the most trusted and used outdoors platform in the world, and their expansive Rails + React app. I practice object-oriented design, UI engineering, as well as collaboration on rugged teams.

I'm a voracious learner, eager to implement a fresh `${ESNext}` feature or the decades-old pattern of object aggregation. I enjoy organizing and writing code that harmonizes with the needs of my team. When I work, I make sure to thread the aims of the big picture through the daily goals I set.

I'm originally from NYC and won't leave for bigger closets.

I love to practice Spanish and bake Add walnuts .

Matt Jackson


  • React
  • Rails
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript (ESNext)
  • TypeScript
  • Ruby
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Webpack
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Git
Triplebyte Certified Frontend Engineer



Software Engineer (Fullstack)

September 2022 - Present



Technical Consultant (Fullstack)

April 2023 - March 2024


  • Developed a live React outdoors platform used by millions of registered users in 150 countries
  • Worked on Postgres Rails and Node.js servers integrating Redis and Algolia while supporting tens of millions of monthly views
  • Improved Core Web Vitals through bundle auditing, lazy loading, and code optimization to “good” LCP, “good” INP, and continued “good” CLS across pages resulting in a 4% increase in conversion rate
  • Led migration to JSON-LD from Microdata structured data to simplify development and maintenance of new page types
  • Ran SEO tests updating copy, HTML elements, and indexing behaviors each typically resulting in 3-5% web traffic bumps


Senior Software Engineer (Fullstack)

August 2021 - June 2022


  • Developed a live React UI for a high-volume, mobile-first, hiring platform
  • Built features for a Postgres Rails server integrating Redis and ElasticSearch and handling requests from both enterprise hiring managers and 1.2 million workers annually in 78 countries
  • Led in the frontend migration to TypeScript to reduce runtime errors and improve developer experience
  • Guided in the internationalization of the entire product for English, Spanish, German, and French locales
  • Implemented nuanced FullStory user tracking throughout both the frontend and backend applications to derive engagement and conversion insights through A/B testing
  • Contributed to a new component library organized with Storybook to empower aggregation through simplified composition
  • Wrote 200+ Jest and RSpec unit tests and also integration Capybara tests stabilizing refactors in a maturing codebase
  • Strategized alongside product managers with vital clients to realize high-level architecture solutions
  • Provided technical input for design, and also the Agile planning process for both new features and technical debt


Frontend Engineer

February 2020 - April 2021

New York, NY

  • Developed a live React UI for an advertising platform serving billions of ads for both enterprise and small business users
  • Spearheaded the migration to Redux in the existing React application to extract application state for extensive data consistency and more deterministic renders
  • Delivered a code-split application for users to define target advertising audiences through boolean expressions; the feature provided an arbitrary flow to include and/or exclude in layers from among 60k+ audience segments or other composite audiences— supporting nesting parentheses, boolean operators, and bulk modification tools, the UI implementation saved the backend team 40 hours of manual entry per week
  • Defined testing metrics with Codecov, and wrote 100+ Jest unit and integration tests and also end-to-end Cypress tests leading to a 40% increase in code coverage
  • Rebuilt 20+ Material-UI and Blueprint components styled with Sass for a new custom component library of raw HTML (JSX) styled with Linaria fostering more maintainable and consistent theming, and also greater flexibility through simplified composition
  • Provided technical input for design, and also the Agile planning and requirements-gathering process for both new features and technical debt

Publicis Media

Software Engineer (Fullstack)

July 2018 - February 2020

New York, NY

  • Developed a 100+ collection MongoDB Rails API integrating with Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Redis, ElasticSearch, and also proprietary advertising real-time bidder endpoints for an international advertising demand-side platform
  • Built and maintained a live React UI serving employees across the country
  • Collaborated with the design and product teams to craft 40+ engaging raw HTML (JSX) and Material-UI components including asynchronous dropdowns, user menus, custom currency inputs, and unique text input groups
  • Wrote 400+ Jest and RSpec unit tests and also end-to-end Capybara tests with Selenium resulting in 20% code coverage increase for the CI/CD strategy
  • Implemented a feature to upload Excel spreadsheets to S3, download the data with Sidekiq in Rails, and process the information as new MongoDB documents for each row, saving campaign managers over 40 hours of manual work each month
  • Built a feature to RegEx parse multiple format ad unit tag scripts and insert dynamically replaced macros upon syncing with S3, saving the company thousands of dollars per month on incorrect macro insertions

Working on some cool things and some almost as cool things.

Please come back later!

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